Providing one on one coaching for people committed to growth, development and change. I deliver results through creative problem solving, and building trusting relationships with my clients.

Executive Coaching

Strengthen decision making and delegation, move from conflict to collaboration, and increase your emotional intelligence.

Women In Leadership

Lead with confidence, negotiate for what you want, and achieve your goals without sacrificing balance.

Career / Transition

If you’re contemplating a career transition or in the midst of one, coaching can bring clarity.


Mikaela Kiner

Executive Coach, Founder | CEO uniquelyHR

Over the last 15 years Mikaela has held HR leadership roles at Northwest companies including Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, PopCap Games, and Redfin. Mikaela’s international experience includes three years in India, and she’s worked with business leaders throughout Europe and Asia. Mikaela can provide guidance whether you’re building an HR function for the first time, or refining your people strategy.

As a coach, Mikaela’s focus is working with executives to be authentic and effective leaders. Mikaela delivers results by building trusting relationships and engaging her clients in creative problem solving. Through her coaching practice, Mikaela has helped people recognize how they want to live and lead, in a purposeful way based on their values. Mikaela is certified as a coach by The Hudson Institute and ICF, the International Coaching Federation. She specializes in working with executives and women in leadership.

Mikaela completed her Master’s of Science from The New School for Social Research, with a certificate in Organizational Development. She currently volunteers with Mary’s Place, known for empowering homeless women and children. Mikaela lives in Seattle and is happily married to Henry, who is a musician, artist, and teacher. Their two children are good at challenging the status quo and are a constant source of learning and laughter. She is a strong believer that each of us can find fulfillment, while achieving balance between work and life.

What clients are saying:
  • Mikaela helped me bring joy back into my career. By restoring my confidence she taught me that no matter how overwhelming things get, my gifts are enough to help me succeed. She reinforced the idea that I matter as an individual and that by taking care of myself, I am growing my capacity to take care of others. She’s shown me that work life balance is real, important, good, and possible.

    Marty Hartman, Executive Director, Mary’s Place

  • Mikaela has a natural and approachable style. Her extensive business experience and outside perspective helped me define and strengthen my role as a member of a young management team.  By asking thoughtful and difficult questions, Mikaela challenged and inspired me to deepen my leadership skills and to become a valuable contributor to the team.

    Christen Blunt, Managing Counsel, PopCap Games

  • Mikaela is a patient and understanding coach. She listens, without offering any suggestions. She encourages you to come up with your own solution, ensuring you have complete ownership over your action plan. She is smart, strategic and very warm in her interactions.

    Padmaja Ganeshan Singh, HR & Career Development Consultant

  • Mikaela asked really powerful questions and engaged me in “homework exercises” in between meetings, which helped me unlock the answers to my own questions about my career path. She held me accountable for doing the things I said I would do and she still follows up to this day, checking in on my continued growth and development.

    Courtney Nguyen, HR Professional

  • The daunting challenge of career change goes far beyond simply finding a new job. It is a journey of grief, discovery, rejection, and success. I can’t imagine that journey without Mikaela Kiner of uniquely HR.  She is a phenomenal career coach who acts as a guide through your personal and professional change.  

    Dan James, Successful Client

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